Barking mad runners and mini crushers

last week I did some event work at the Brutal 10k cross country at Windmill hill in Surrey. After watching 600+ lunatics launch themselves through mud and a lake I concluded they needed psychiatric treatment rather than sports massage! However some brilliant feedback was given and lots of  sore legs dealt with.

Also this weekend I supported no.1 client (my son Rhys) at the British Mountaneering Council youth climbing series regional final. Amazingly he won which was amazing to watch and no recurrence of his back pain thanks to his therapist 😇. Congratulations to him and all his team mates at Craggy Island in Guildford who were the dominant team. Special mention to his coach Howard Blyth, climbing guru and apparent child psychology expert!

Next week I am lending a hand at the Rosslyn park national u17 rugby sevens tournament. I’m looking forward to it even if I will feel like a midget! 




Good luck to the Surrey half marathoners

Lots has been going on in the last few weeks:

Firstly, I jumped and did some work at Vault London. It’s always a brilliant event and tribute to Allan Williams and all who helped him at the David Weir Arena in Carshalton.  My Colleague Megan Lewarne helped old and young with some sports massage and in the process raised a bit of money for Scope, thanks Megan.

No 1 client Rhys is busy preparing for the Youth Climbing series regional final in 2 weeks, his coaches do the climbing, I deal with his musculature – boys of 8 really shouldn’t be that strong! Next post will update on how he gets on. Last night I did a bit of climbing as a change of scene at Craggy Island in Guildford where he trains – I am sorry to say that the squad of 8 year olds wiped the floor with me! He competed at Blokfest bouldering league at Mile end wall last week smashing his personal best and finishing as most improved boy, nice job Rhys.

Coming up

A big shout to all of my current clients who have been really prepping hard for the Surrey Half Marathon tomorrow (March 8th). They have been very dedicated and raised a ton of money, good luck to all of you.

I am competing at the British Masters championships on the same day – last chance for a tilt at the British Record, here’s hoping this therapists body holds up.

Stretch time

In tribute to a few athletes I have discussed hip/groin/lower back pain with in the last couple of weeks these images show top Junior pole vaulter Charlie Maw attending to his hip flexors. These muscles (Iliacus and Psoas if you’re interested) are often neglected. When these become chronically tight (common in people who have been running up hills a bit and jumpers) the result is usually manifested as back pain and sometimes groin pain or both.

Charlie demonstrates well here the start and finish position, notice how on the right he has moved his body forward without succumbing to the temptation to lean over. Keep the torso up straight, squeeze the pelvis forward and lunge slowly forward, feeling stretch at the top of your thigh. 30 secs minimum to achieve improvement.

Another stretch next week.



Stretch time and other stuff

Stretching, some believe in it, some don’t. I am the former and am a fully paid up member of the stretching appreciation society. It has to be at the right time however and most importantly done properly. If done correctly then a properly applied stretching plan would usually make a massive difference to most injury states as my colleagues in the walk in centre this week who I have been helping with their back and hip pain can testify to.
In the next few weeks I will try and post up some pics/videos of the right way to stretch specific areas to affect the most common problems, watch this space.

Other news, am really looking forward to working and competing at Vault London on the 22nd February, it’s a brilliant event and great credit needs to go to Allan Williams one of the lead coaches of pole vaulting in the Uk for organising it. I am hoping to have a tilt at the British Indoor record (for old fellas), i’ll let you know.

I will also be rooting for no.1 client (Rhys) and his fellow craggy island team mates at the second round of the youth climbing series in Guildford. Good luck to all of them.


Take a break!

onsiteI have treated quite a few people this week, not least no.1 son Rhys all with varying degrees of injury (Rhys had a minor tear of his latissimus dorsi over reaching in a climbing competition) and all seeking emergency treatment the day after the injury.
It’s hard to disappoint people when they are desperate to train or compete but oftentimes the first treatment is just to back off and rest for a few days. More will be gained by leaving well alone for 3 days and allowing swelling and bleeding to settle down. As a consequence when you do get some therapy it will be more focused and a whole lot more effective.
Other news – I did some onsite massage (see pic) this week at Haymarket publishing in Teddington on behalf of shooting stars childrens hospice which was a great day, my thanks to all involved.
Also, a huge well done to the Craggy Island youth team who performed incredibly at the British Mountaneering Council Youth Climbing Series.
Have a great week!


The curse of the app

Now i’m as much a sucker for an app that saves me time and money as the next person. However this weeks bad guy is the fitness app.
Strictly speaking the apps are often pretty good, illustrated and informative. The problem lies in that they can’t please everyone.
The example case this week is the lady who came to me with knee pain (both knees). Her new year’s res was to start running so she went off and bought nice new trainers from a good shop for £60 and spent £2.99 on a runners app for beginners.
Bear in mind that there had been no running for 20 years and she was carrying some weight as a consequence.
Two weeks later there was pain+ to both knees and a serious dent in her hopes and confidence.
On discussion she had no clear understanding of pre training mobility nor the need for post run stretch.
Thankfully I managed to put her on the right path before it was too late and she hasn’t broken her resolution yet. But you know maybe, just maybe a little investment to a proper fitness professional would have saved her some pain and got results a little quicker.
The point: Fitness apps are great and here to stay, but for those taking a big step they may be a false economy.



I shall start blogging weekly on talking points relating to sports injury and massage etc.
This week’s topic is tendon pain.
In medical land this week I have been spending a lot of time advising and treating patient’s with varying levels of tendinitis/tendinopathy (as well as an army of people with coughs and colds).
In the absence of trauma this is ALWAYS related to flexibility either directly or indirectly.
Greg’s tip this week, if you have pain near a joint that is worse in the morning, have you neglected your post exercise stretching? You are unlikely to make it worse if you attend to your flexibility as a starting point.


New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year to all my current and future clients.

The athletics season is well under way indoors as well as the indoor climbing season, it’s going to be amazing and a busy old time.

I am hoping to have a stab at the British Masters indoor record in February (as soon as I have recovered from the broken rib I sustained skiing). I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, keep well and good luck in all your sporting endeavours


My thanks

I’ve had some great feedback recently. It’s so satisfying when you make a genuine difference.
My thanks to the weightlifting team of St. Mary’s university for your input.
Also i’m looking forward to working with Woking athletics club in the new year as well as preparing the Phipps pole vault crew for their Winter competitions, it’s gonna be busy!


My first and most demanding client



This is my son Rhys. He is the fittest person I know and is obsessed by sport climbing, well by sport really. On my Sports massage journey he allows me to have unlimited practice on his back, knees, shoulders, you name it really, the stronger the better. Rhys is taking on the Youth Climbing Series (A national competition for climbing) in a few weeks. I am officially nominated as part of his support team, I have arrived!