My Methods


No one patient is the same but as a rule of thumb I look at two problems and I treat them in this order.

  1. The symptoms i.e. The pain within joints, muscles and tendons. This is the soft tissue bit – massage and manipulation. This will make you feel better and function better in the short term.
  2. The cause i.e. Whatever has resulted in your symptoms. This is where I teach you how to prevent the problem recurring.

How many sessions do you need?

I take it one at a time but if I haven’t made a serious difference in 3 sessions (maximum) then I will guide you to alternative choices (e.g. Orthopaedic doctors).

Does it hurt?

A little bit yes but I get results quickly. However, I hate it when therapists think it’s ok to inflict as much discomfort as possible. We’ll work together and make you feel better.

What equipment do I use?

Apart from my brain and my hands I frequently involve therabands, foam rollers, hockey balls, balance discs etc. All equipment that I think you might need I will lend you for free.

Do I use Kinesiology tape?

Yes absolutely, it’s great although it is important to remember tape compliments therapy and is not a therapy by itself. If I believe it’s of value, taping comes as part of the fee and I will happily teach you how to apply it prior to an event.