I provide prescriptive sports massage and sports injury treatments for sporty and non sporty people alike.

My skill set includes:
-Soft tissue therapy
-Trigger pointing
-Myofascial release
-Biomechanical testing
-Injury rehabilitation programmes
-Kinesiology taping
-Orthopaedic advice

The conditions I can treat are very numerous from joint pain to back pain to headaches. If you’re not sure let’s have a conversation, find me on facebook Gcsportinjury.

I live in Horsell (Woking) and typically make home visits in the surrounding area. You won’t need much space and I bring everything. If it suits you you are welcome to come to my house during the day.

I am currently working with:

  • The Craggy Island Youth climbing team and their coaches
  • Horsell runners and athletes preparing for Spring marathons
  • Q8 Aviation within their wellness scheme

as well as:

  • Lots of people who don’t do sport but have pain all the time and want someone to fix it who doesn’t give them pills!


I am fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as a Paramedic and have full medical indemnity insurance with Balens for Sports Therapy

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