Show me the evidence!

So in recent months I have worked with the nurses at Teddington walk in centre and West Middlesex urgent care centre to introduce kinesiology taping to their patients.

Now the NHS is a wonderful thing but in my view, we manage relatively minor musculoskeletal injury very poorly. The advice is a bit weak if there isn’t a bone fracture (“pop some ice on it” – heard that before?). I introduced taping as it is a really practical, quick and cheap way of just giving our patient’s some proper after care within a time pressured consultation.

Anecdotally the results are great, i’ll audit properly in time but not all are convinced. Another Central London trust have refused to entertain the prospect of incorporating taping as there is no “evidence base”. This is true but then there is no evidence base for giving people a little reassurance- it feels good for them and it feels like us medical types have taken a little care. I’ll perhaps revisit this topic in time.

Seperately, the pocket rocket aka my son, has been climbing his way round Britain.

We have had lots of fun and now it’s downto the Winter season for he and his team mates from the Craggy Island Youth theam. Great results already from the Scottish Open in Edinburgh and Welsh open in Cardiff, watch this space 👍


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