Pain and Suffering

Good lord I haven’t posted for months. A few words over my morning coffee before I run around organising the kids.

I have been super busy lately with a really great variety of patients. You can’t please everyone but generally the feedback has been great. The main thrust of goodwill has been the issue of pain and my attitude towards it.

Sports massage can be painful, this is partly physiological and partly psychological. For me this issue is very important amongst physical therapists particularly soft tissue therapists. There is nothing more frustrating when I see a new patient who has already been treated elsewhere and is covered in bruises. I’m sorry but causing a patient to bleed is just stupid and demonstrates a lack of attention by the therapist to their patient. 

I’m not saying that I am delicate in my approach but I do pay attention and I know when my patient is finding it a bit too much. I personally always allow a bit more time so that we can work a bit slower, it reduces my immediate income but I do get retention.

Medical/allied medical consultations are a collaborative business (a few doctors could take note) not a dictatorial one. A bit more communication and knowing your business a bit better gets a better result for patient and therapist alike.

I’ll step off my soapbox now!

Other news:

The craggy island kids have been putting up a great show in recent months with strong performances at the regional rounds and national finals. They are awesome to watch truly. No.1 customer Rhys has been exploring the great outdoors recently with some high climbs in Dorset. 

I am back into the pole vault swing with some acceptable early season results, we’ll see how we go, a quiet year really with a tilt at the Euro champs next year.

Until next time



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