It’s Winter!!

Firstly – many congratulations to the Great Britain team in Doha at the IPC World championships. Dedication to sport and self fulfillment that makes me want to bow and scrape. the image is of Richard Whitehead – world 200m record holder and in my eyes the obvious choice for BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

As mentioned on my Facebook page – the Winter draws nearer and that inevitably means I will be busy treating runners who have an eye on the Winter and Spring road running season. If I were to offer advice to all those planning 10k up to marathon it would be train smart instead of heavy and USE A THERAPIST! Frankly it’s cheaper to prevent injury after all.

Other important things include the start of the indoor climbing competition season for No.1 Son. Blokfest (a series of Indoor Bouldering festivals) starts this week and I will be working hard to protect his developing body (more about childhood injuries in future). On the Climbing bent – I will be at Rhys’ training base on Monday 16th Nov offering a free sports injury Q&A from 6-9pm. I look forward to seeing you there – if you can’t make it down message me on my facebook page Gcsportinjury and i’ll do my best.

Happy training – remember to train smart!



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