It’s Running Knee Season!

Lot’s to talk about.

Firstly – I have new weekly premises in Horsell village – find me behind Poppies and Peonies flower shop in the high street, look for the sign.

Also I am now offering appointments on Sunday mornings at Woking Hockey club – my humble thanks to them. This is by appointment only please, I am occasionally away at tournaments.

This also adds to the usual portfolio of home appointments if neither of those venues or times suit.

On other business – I have been seeing lots of runners with painful knees (outside knees). These have almost all been Ilio-Tibial band friction syndrome, easily resolved but preventable. If you are getting pain mid way through your run, ice lots and seriously attend to the flexibility of your hips and gluteals.

Other interesting business is I am treating a couple of climbing coaches with elbow pathology at the moment. These have proved complex and so I am studying at the moment. I would welcome contact from anyone with a history of hand numbness in the mornings or weak grip strength – you may have Cubittal Tunnel Syndrome and I want to explore non surgical treatments.

On to lighter business – Autumn brings with it the Indoor climbing competition season – No.1 client Rhys (my awesome spider man son) is due to compete in early November at the briliant Blokfest series. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, until next time, get in touch for appointments and happy training


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