Pull the trigger

It’s been a while since I posted.

Firstly congratulations to no.1 client Rhts for his attitude and performance in the youth climbing series final in Edinburgh. It was a brilliant event and I was blown away by the talent and sheer strength of all the kids.

 Last Sunday was the annual fundraising fest and knee destruction that is the London marathon. I gave it a miss and put some work in at the Nab 7’s rugby tournament. I was seriously busy mostly with returnees to rugby, goes to show, marathon or fun rugby, if you’re not prepared it’s a recipe for pain. However as a consequence a few pounds were raised for charity.

Lastly, I have been treating a bunchof colleagues at work (in my hospital job) by trigger pointing. This ultimately means compressing hyperexcitable bits of muscle tissue to resolve pain symptoms. It’s been around a while but is growing in popularity as it can be self taught and really help persistent pain symptoms. Watch this space, I think it will become mainstream in the near future.

The outdoor athletics season is starting, time for me to prepare for the World Masters champs in August. After my last session with inadequate post warm down my legs wish I had practiced what I preach!


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