Barking mad runners and mini crushers

last week I did some event work at the Brutal 10k cross country at Windmill hill in Surrey. After watching 600+ lunatics launch themselves through mud and a lake I concluded they needed psychiatric treatment rather than sports massage! However some brilliant feedback was given and lots of  sore legs dealt with.

Also this weekend I supported no.1 client (my son Rhys) at the British Mountaneering Council youth climbing series regional final. Amazingly he won which was amazing to watch and no recurrence of his back pain thanks to his therapist 😇. Congratulations to him and all his team mates at Craggy Island in Guildford who were the dominant team. Special mention to his coach Howard Blyth, climbing guru and apparent child psychology expert!

Next week I am lending a hand at the Rosslyn park national u17 rugby sevens tournament. I’m looking forward to it even if I will feel like a midget! 




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