Good luck to the Surrey half marathoners

Lots has been going on in the last few weeks:

Firstly, I jumped and did some work at Vault London. It’s always a brilliant event and tribute to Allan Williams and all who helped him at the David Weir Arena in Carshalton.  My Colleague Megan Lewarne helped old and young with some sports massage and in the process raised a bit of money for Scope, thanks Megan.

No 1 client Rhys is busy preparing for the Youth Climbing series regional final in 2 weeks, his coaches do the climbing, I deal with his musculature – boys of 8 really shouldn’t be that strong! Next post will update on how he gets on. Last night I did a bit of climbing as a change of scene at Craggy Island in Guildford where he trains – I am sorry to say that the squad of 8 year olds wiped the floor with me! He competed at Blokfest bouldering league at Mile end wall last week smashing his personal best and finishing as most improved boy, nice job Rhys.

Coming up

A big shout to all of my current clients who have been really prepping hard for the Surrey Half Marathon tomorrow (March 8th). They have been very dedicated and raised a ton of money, good luck to all of you.

I am competing at the British Masters championships on the same day – last chance for a tilt at the British Record, here’s hoping this therapists body holds up.

Stretch time

In tribute to a few athletes I have discussed hip/groin/lower back pain with in the last couple of weeks these images show top Junior pole vaulter Charlie Maw attending to his hip flexors. These muscles (Iliacus and Psoas if you’re interested) are often neglected. When these become chronically tight (common in people who have been running up hills a bit and jumpers) the result is usually manifested as back pain and sometimes groin pain or both.

Charlie demonstrates well here the start and finish position, notice how on the right he has moved his body forward without succumbing to the temptation to lean over. Keep the torso up straight, squeeze the pelvis forward and lunge slowly forward, feeling stretch at the top of your thigh. 30 secs minimum to achieve improvement.

Another stretch next week.



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