Stretch time and other stuff

Stretching, some believe in it, some don’t. I am the former and am a fully paid up member of the stretching appreciation society. It has to be at the right time however and most importantly done properly. If done correctly then a properly applied stretching plan would usually make a massive difference to most injury states as my colleagues in the walk in centre this week who I have been helping with their back and hip pain can testify to.
In the next few weeks I will try and post up some pics/videos of the right way to stretch specific areas to affect the most common problems, watch this space.

Other news, am really looking forward to working and competing at Vault London on the 22nd February, it’s a brilliant event and great credit needs to go to Allan Williams one of the lead coaches of pole vaulting in the Uk for organising it. I am hoping to have a tilt at the British Indoor record (for old fellas), i’ll let you know.

I will also be rooting for no.1 client (Rhys) and his fellow craggy island team mates at the second round of the youth climbing series in Guildford. Good luck to all of them.


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