Take a break!

onsiteI have treated quite a few people this week, not least no.1 son Rhys all with varying degrees of injury (Rhys had a minor tear of his latissimus dorsi over reaching in a climbing competition) and all seeking emergency treatment the day after the injury.
It’s hard to disappoint people when they are desperate to train or compete but oftentimes the first treatment is just to back off and rest for a few days. More will be gained by leaving well alone for 3 days and allowing swelling and bleeding to settle down. As a consequence when you do get some therapy it will be more focused and a whole lot more effective.
Other news – I did some onsite massage (see pic) this week at Haymarket publishing in Teddington on behalf of shooting stars childrens hospice which was a great day, my thanks to all involved.
Also, a huge well done to the Craggy Island youth team who performed incredibly at the British Mountaneering Council Youth Climbing Series.
Have a great week!


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